From Trash to Treasure

From Trash To Treasure

In June 2001, Anu got a call from a Pastor in Mumbai. He said, there was a lady in a desperate situation. The young lady had given birth to a little girl and had no place to go. She was giving domestic help for the Pastors family and had received shelter with the family since she was kicked out of her house by the Mother. As soon as they discovered that their young daughter was pregnant, the family could not accept the shame, humiliation and dishonor it could bring to their family. The young girl was brutally beaten and humiliated by her father. So she left the town and found shelter with the Church Pastor In Mumbai. Since the Pastor had his own 3 children and financial constraints, they called us here in Pune. We were more than willing to provide any help possible and the couple came to Vanitashray the very next day with this destitute, unwed mother. When I first saw Shanta( Mother), she was weak and could feel her deep pain through her eyes. She was carrying a little 10day old girl in her arms. Shradha(the child) was very weak and sick with a high fever due to pneumonia. My heart just melted over this little angel-baby Shradha !!

Vanitashray became her new home for a couple of weeks before we began the legal process for Baby Shradha.

When I received this little girl in my arms I immediately thought of my very close friends from YWAM. A beautiful couple who were also my mentors, and were seeking to adopt a child. Carmen and Rajan had been praying for this and as soon as I gave the news, they were both thrilled and very much excited. The Lord in His mercy proved Himself faithful in every detail of the process that went on for two months. We were grateful for St. John’s Home who helped greatly in all the legal matters.

I’ve personally witnessed the growth of this precious child, named Tryphena Grace, with all the love and care provided by this wonderful Godly Family.

There are many such children in need, who are waiting and longing to be in safe environments and homes. Without such they’re exposed to many dangers and life threatening situations, especially girls. To make things worse, the law keeps changing concerning adoption and makes it more complicated and challenging to see more children safe. Rather many die each day as victims of unjust and cruel hardships of life. Many young girls end up in Brothels and sold for a dollar or two, rs 50 to 70.

Vanitashray caters to the needs of such abandoned, destitute and orphan girls since 1999. Our heart desire is to see many children find a loving and caring home, as God desires.

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