India’s Flesh Trade Industry

India's Flesh Trade Industry

Sex trafficking is a global issue that affects every country of the world.

Among the many tribal communities located throughout India there are ‘Bedia’ communities in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, where trafficking comprises the entire economy of the village. They call it their ‘khandaani dhandha’. More than a business, it is a tradition that continues from generation to generation. Bedia girls are given consent from the community to carry on the ‘dhandhaa’ – prostitution business. Girls are raised from birth and taught to believe that prostitution is what they were born for. It is their duty, their obligation, to provide for their families by selling themselves in the commercial sex trade. It is a community that considers prostitution, by their women, to be the ‘only business they are capable of’. They are never really given a chance to look outside the family business and pursue other opportunities.

Communities like these are among the many reasons why we choose to focus our efforts in India.

We are trying to create systemic change in key trafficking areas in India. We are creating deterrents that discourage families from rearing their daughters to be prostitutes. We are providing rescued girls with the opportunity for a different life. One where they are encouraged to dream, to learn and to develop skills. A life where they have the freedom to choose.

Help us create lasting change in India. Become our supporter today! Help us to create systemic change throughout the country of India.

The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) is a $32 billion a year industry. In India an estimated 500,000 minor girls, 25% of the global number, are forced into the commercial sex trade. The U.S. State department calls India the “source, destination, and transit” country for a majority of the trafficking in Asia. Out of 162 countries India is ranked 4th for highest incidents of human trafficking.

It’s time to join together and bring about change, from every community , village, city and Nation.

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