Lust In The Name Of God: Temple Prostitution In India

Lust In The Name Of God Temple Prostitution In India

Wadia is known for being the village of prostitutes in Gujarat, where young girls are trained to provide sexual services as soon as they attain puberty. The sex workers mostly belong to the Sarania community, mainly from Rajasthan and Saurashtra.

The caste system is in Hindu religion has many manifestations. It has not only divided the society into various layers of graded hierarchy but has also created inhumane practices in the name of God. One of it is Devadasi system prevalent in different forms all over India.

This cult is prevalent even today throughout India with some regional variances. Young girls are dedicated to or married not to a mortal man but to an idol, deity or object of worship or to a temple. The barbarism of the tradition reflects in the very rituals it involves. The initiation ritual was said to include a ‘deflowering ceremony’, known as Uditambuvadu in some parts, whereby the priests would have intercourse with every girl enrolled at his temple as part of his religious ‘duty’. So much that a Marathi saying states “Devadasi devachi bayako, sarya gavachi”, meaning servant of god, but wife of the whole town. The Devadasis girls are from the lowest caste whose parents have given them to local goddesses or temples as human ‘offerings’. She has to remain unmarried, and maintain herself by ceremonial begging to meet the ends.

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