Vanitashray: Shelter – Love – Care

Vanitashray Shelter Love Care

Vanitashray is committed to this vision, to rescue these girls from early death, injustice, oppression, sexual abuse, harassment, cruelty, poverty, rejection, hatred, humiliation, ridicule, and dehumanization. To give them acceptance, love, care, dignity, self-respect, honor, hope, and make them feel valuable and human.

Name of the home VANITASHRAY

– Ashray means shelter, Vanita means women. Rather than calling it an orphanage, we see this place as a home for the children all the way from infancy up to adulthood and known as Vanitashray.

Activities of Vanitashray:

Vanitashray is home to 18 girls, widows and destitute young women who are also seen as Mother’s or caretakers.

The oldest is 24yrs old and the youngest is 6yrs old.

All the girls go to school 6 days a week, into Local Marathi School except for the 5 younger one’s who go to the English medium school. Some of them have come much older in age along with siblings and so could not be placed in lower grades In English Medium. (We would like to see all the girls from here on receive English medium schools and require funds for the same as well) as most of them are private schools and costly.

There are few volunteers from the community and schools who are connecting with the orphanage. They all come to interact with extra curricular activities such as painting, craft games and lot’s of fun activities. Planning Picnics, movies and outing for the kids. Many times they give out of their pockets in providing stationeries and groceries or share a meal with the kids.

Social Activities:

The kids were invited at City International School twice to join the Diwali party with the school children at the school of Wanavarie. The kids attend regular children’s vacation programs where they learn to sing, dance and drama/plays on different topics.

We regularly have taken them to picnic parks, play ground games and lots of art craft work at the home.
We invited all the local donors for a tea party, where the kids had fun with songs presentations and dance dances, singing. They were all very much encouraging to see how the girls have remarkably made progress.

Skilled Programs:

The students from Fergusson College come to train our children to make greeting cards and cross stitch, handy craft work, educational programs and games were introduced for the benefit of their overall progress. Girls are gaining knowledge through educational Cds. The girls were taken out for movies into Inox Theater first time by a sponsor name
Mr. Eric. The kids had a blast theme and we continue to get more ideas and input from our sponsors, visitors. In ways we can help our girls grow in every aspect of life.

Computer training facility

A few donors have donated 9 computers to Vanitashray, hence we’re providing a computer training facility to our girls and also for 25 girls from a local Marathi school. This facility is made available to the poorest of poor children in our society.

We believe in impacting our society, with the love, care and sharing, therefore, take the privilege and seek opportunities of interactions through, special programmers, events, games, open house Tea times. Many such ways where the girls get to share their testimonies of how their lives are changed and transformed each day to our friends, who always want to partner.
Vanitashray is truly our home is what we hear each girl say!

Vanitashray has completed its’ 10th-year mark and hence move forward for greater future for the girls. The girls live in two rented apartments and therefore, we’re in desperate need of a permanent place for Vanitashray.

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