Vanitashray Update

Vanitashray Update

Greetings in the name of Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (Heb 12:2).

We are encouraged daily, especially in the readings from the Acts of the Apostles, by the lives of faith, despite severe hardships, of the members of the early church. As Our own personal journeys as Christians, are not always easy; they meet with difficulties and trials. Difficulties and trials are part of the path that leads to God’s glory, just as they were for Jesus, who was glorified on the cross; we will always encounter them in life.

Paul and Barnabas journeyed far and wide “strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying that through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God. (Acts 14:22). We are grateful for the many friends and family that are in our lives as Paul and Barnabas (Encouragers) who have been with us throughout this journey!! Thank you for your valuable support and love extended to us.

Ministry update:

anaAnna (name changed) came to Vanitashray at the age of 4yr old, today she’s a graduate from High school and now attending a One year Bible Training Course. Her widowed Mother who had left her two daughters with us 14yr ago came to see her off with full support, had tears of joy in her eyes. I’m so deeply touched, with a sense of gratefulness to God for her life. Anna gave her life to God after she was miraculously healed from TB-Tuberculosis few years ago. She was provided by the best care and medical assistant at the Home Vanitashray’. She experienced God’s touch and is ready for water baptism now. Please, continue to pray for Anna.

Girls have done very well in school this year !!!

We’re so proud of each and every individual child that have done their best and are promoted to the next level. It’s now time for a long summer break and our kids are excited for Vacation Bible School. Last few months have been very exciting and encouraging for all of us with friends visiting us from Norway, Holland, USA and Romania. It’s always our pleasure to have friends from all over the world visiting and loving the kids with God’s heart through VANITASHRAY.

Community Projects:

With God’s grace and mercy, we were able to see the first year of Happy Hearts Nursery /Day care center accomplishing it’s goals. We praise God for His help and all those who came visiting, helping and being part of this project. We now have several more kids seeking admission for the next academic year starting in June. The medical outreaches for the community, especially to serve the children and destitute widows will continue on. We’re excited to have the support from our local Doctors and Nurses, also teams from overseas helping us in the community Development projects. Through these, we see many being open for the Gospel and coming for our weekly prayer meetings. Several women received Christ as their personal savior and are now hearing from the word daily. Our hearts desire is to connect them with our local church for more spiritual growth, we love working with local church Pastor and leaders. Consider it a great Blessing!!


I’m personally encouraged by the local Church and was invited to teach in one of our local Church run Bible School. Praise God for His grace as I took steps of Faith The Lord took over and we had an amazing week. Learning on Hearing God’s Voice & Discipleship. Getting hands on my notes after nearly 15 yrs of teaching on Divine Plumb line. God’s been giving fresh insight and new revelation, I’m absolutely excited and wait for God’s timing to start sharing again. Excited about the partnerships in building His Kingdom together.

Please, continue to pray for us, with your valuable encouragement we can see God at work in us and through us. Thank you for being our family.

In His Grace,

Anu and girls for

Vanitashray Home for Girls, in Pune India.

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