Why A Shelter For Girls And Women?

Why A Shelter For Girls And Women

Historical background of the life of female child and women in India justifies the need for such a home. The traditional attitude towards women in general illustrates the need for special care of orphan and destitute girls. In India the situation of women is complex because women are divided not only by class but also by caste. Especially the dalit (down trodden) women, who constitute the major working force, are thrice alienated and oppressed on the basis of their class, caste, and gender.

Unwanted girls from the low caste families suffer much because of their poverty and low social image. Thus they become dependent on the mercy of others and become prone to exploitation. Many of them are forced into child labor and slavery. Some become prey in the hands of sexual abusers.

India child flesh industry is considered the second largest in the world. With over 700,000 victims trafficked throughout the world each year, and with India serving as a major trafficking hub. Because of economic constraints, rejection by family and relatives, their socio-religious status and caste status; nearly 200 minor girls in India are driven to enter the child flesh trade everyday.

Female infanticide has increased in India in the past .In India, out of 12 million girls born every year, 25 percent do not reach the age of 15. At each age from 1 to 19 the mortality rate in females is higher when compared to male mortality.

There is a great need to protect our children from abuse because India’s population is young with 37% being below 15 yrs of age. These facts and figures are self explanatory in revealing a desperate need for a PLACE that would provide shelter to protect and care for these girls who would otherwise become victims of this reality.

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